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Usually accessed via mouse right-click, these drop-down menus show users extended options for the clicked content

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Context menu opens with the mouse pointer in the middle of it [duplicate]

Beginning early this past week sometime I noticed the right-click context menu in Firefox opens with the mouse pointer right in the middle of it. As a result it usually selects "Inspect Element" ...
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Firefox Dropdowns in wrong location

I recently started using elementary OS and installed Firefox as my browser. I'm currently having a problem with the dropdowns, like the context menu or the input suggestion as they appear in wrong ...
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Juno: no right click menu on title bar

All windows are not displaying context menu when right clicked on theirs title bar. This used to work with a fresh install but it's not working any more on 2 recent installations. I do not know what ...
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Firefox Context Menus are weird and don't work correctly

I'm having an issue where I right click and as soon as I release the button, it selects the option where the mouse is like I left-clicked. Also, context menus are appearing in the middle of where my ...
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App installed as snap in right-click context menu

I've installed Polarr through Snaptastic. When right clicking in Files on an image file, Polarr does not appear in the context menu, not even in View All Applications. How do I put it there? If it ...
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Running applications

Maybe a stupid question. Anyway, how do I run an application from within the applications folder (/usr/share/applications)? There is no run option from within the context menu (mouse right click)....
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Can Pantheon Files show sub-menus?

In Nautilus, menus and sub-menus are editable with nautilus-actions-config-tool, Which gives: in Pantheon Files by manually editing contract files (added to ~/.local/share/contractor). Are these ....
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How do I open a directory in gnome-terminal using context menu?

I recently installed the gnome-terminal and removed pantheon-terminal. Now The 'Open in > Terminal' in context menu is no longer working. How can I use that option to open the current directory in ...
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