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a lightweight system monitor for the X Window System

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Conky and conky-manager on Juno?

Last year, I had successfully installed conky and conky-manager in Freya. Now I have migrated to Juno. I am very happy with this new version. But I would like to install also conky and conky-manager. ...
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1 answer

How can I install this widget on elementary?

(source: I want to install a system monitor which looks something like the one in the image.
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3 votes
2 answers

Conky Tomorrow Setup

I've had Conky Tomorrow since January, and the temperatures were shown properly. But as you know Yahoo's Weather API isn't free longer (the forecast wasn't show any more), so I got a (free) key in ...
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How do I get rid of the default wallpaper?

I changed my wallpaper, but the default wallpaper still shows up before logging into my profile and after logging out of my profile. It's also being used as the background for my conky. If anyone ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Conky transparency problem

Running Freya and attempting to get a good looking Conky window displaying. The pictures in the link only two ways I've been able to get it even display. Image #1 is ...
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How can I make conky run on boot?

I would like to set conky as a start-up application so I do not have to run conky in the terminal after every boot. My conky is based of a template I found on reddit and I have edited it. It can be ...
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How to get my elementary laptop to show my quad-core CPU info?

I have an elementary laptop that has an Intel Quad-Core i3-3217U CPU (1.80GHz) processor. I would like to get all four of my processor cores displayed in my Conky. Is there commands for certain info ...
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2 votes
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Drawings, clocks and other designs not showing up on conky, only text is being shown [closed]

Here's how they are supposed to look. Here's how they look The middle one's supposed to be the breaking bad widget but the lines don't show and the right one's supposed to look like the first ...
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How install conky-manager on Freya?

Is it possible to install conky-manager on Freya? Is is compatible with Pantheon Files? If yes how can I start Conky when my computer boots?
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