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3 answers

Enhancement Request: Readable Terminal Color Schema

Can you read this? I can't. It hurts my eyeballs. I have a default system with default settings in an otherwise gorgeous oasis of visual goodness. I just want to type the subdirectory name and run ...
8 votes
5 answers

Is there any Photo Editing Software for elementary?

Are there any tools or software which can be used in elementary ? If so, do they support CYMK format other than RGB ?
0 votes
2 answers

How do I fix/calibrate my screen colors?

(x-post from reddit: I just switched to elementary yesterday and I absolutely love it. There's a problem,...
1 vote
1 answer

Change saturation on Elemtary OS Loki

Before anything I would like to apologize for any typo, English isnt my first language. Im using a system who is based on Ubuntu 16.04 (elementary OS Loki), before that I was using Ubuntu 14.04 that ...
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1 answer

Firefox cursor information colour black letters

When the cursor is not moving and that frame appears and normally it's black and the letters are white. After the update yesterday it is completely black. I have the default firefox theme, just after ...
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1 answer

How to change Text Color in Scratch Freya built in text editor?

How to change the color of texts in the scratch default text editor. It looks grey, and few other colors. I want to change it like dark black and red, blue like need to change few color schemes. Is ...