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Using cmake on Juno

I know elementary OS would like to move from cmake to meson, but cmake should still work: While CMake will continue to work, our official documentation and code examples will all be written around ...
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Missing styles when building app using Gtk.CssProvider

I'm using cmake and following the instructions per Elementary OS site ( Everything looks good when compiling the ...
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How to add command line dependencies using CMake

I'm building a Vala app that uses youtube-dl command line. How do I make sure that it is installed when someone installs the app? In other words: Looking at the CMake build documentation, what is the ...
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What are the essential things to know about using the Meson build system?

So, I'm attempting to develop my first real app for Elementary after tinkering around a bit and getting comfortable with Vala and the Developers Guide tutorial. I've got my github repo up and building,...
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Compiling with custom vapi leads to error

Added CUSTOM_VAPIS with vapi/libgtop-2.0.vapi to vala_precompile() in CmakeLists.txt and got this error: No rules for target '../src/vapi/libgtop-2.0.vapi' ... How to add vapi files properly?
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