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Custom date and time format - Elementary OS 5

I used various guides to change the date and time format on the top system bar and I found nothing working. How can I edit the date and time format in elementary os 5? I would like something like that ...
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Can seconds be added to the clock?

I was running a laser cutting task and wanted to estimate how long it would take to complete by timing the completion of one cutout and multiplying it by the number of cutouts on the sheet. That's ...
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Wingpanel clock is out of sync with system time

I recently noticed that the time displayed in the wingpanel is roughly one minute behind the system time, as shown in the screenshot below: The system time is NTP synchronized, and my OS is ...
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Lockscreen Clock Format? [duplicate]

I can't seem to find where to change the lockscreen time format. Currently its displaying AM+PM clock, whilst my system is set to use English British and my Date+Time is set to 24h (Its displaying ...
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No way to lock the CPU-frequency to a specific value

I try to lock my CPU to a specific clock frequency (1.2 GHz). Using Ubuntu (14 or 15), it works perfectly by editing the /sys/devices/system/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq with the specific Hz-value (...
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Wingpanel Clock Has Disappeared

I installed Freya recently and shortly thereafter the clock disappeared. Sometimes I can access the calendar pop-up by randomly clicking around where the clock used to be, but this doesn't always work....
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How can I add multiple timezones to Freya?

I'm trying to have multiple timezones displayed when clicking on the clock, a behavior available in Luna but missing in Freya. After several months I still didn't see this option added back. Is there ...
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Can the elementary clock display seconds?

I would like the lock-screen clock and the wingpanel clock to show seconds. Is this possible?
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