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Double click default behaviour for all users?

the solution mentioned in Configure Files to use double click GSettings (recommended) Run the following command in terminal gsettings set io.elementary.files.preferences single-click false (To enable ...
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How to change terminal to use Ctrl + Click to open URL for juno?

Currently, just a simple click will open URLs in the browser. It's really annoying because I never wanted to open or download something. Is that possible to change it to ctrl + click?
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2 answers

gsettings doesn't works to desactivate single-click in pantheon-files

Im using Elementary OS loki and I can not desactivate the single click in pantheon-files. I run this command on my terminal sudo gsettings set org.pantheon.files.preferences single-click false ...
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How do I turn middle click into left click?

I can't have middle click closing apps when I accidentally tap it. Best solution I've found is to disable middle click entirely. I'd rather not have a big deadspot in the middle of trackpad. I'd ...
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Pantheon-mail. Click causes scroll up to the e-mail beginning [Solved]

Any time I read an e-mail in Pantheon-mail and click (a link or something) I get all the mail scroll (up or down) to the beginning of the mail body. For example, if I open a new e-mail (upper half of ...
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Loki: Can move cursor on the screen but can't click on anything [closed]

In trying to find a suitable OS to install on my 2009 Macbook, I went with Ubuntu with which I couldn't connect to Wi-Fi, so I'd like to try Elementary. I created a bootable USB with Loki, booted on ...
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How do I disable the middle click in Loki?

Im am using Elementary OS on a laptop and clicking in the middle of the trackpad's buttons would trigger a middle click. I would like to disable that.
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Invisible area (size and position of notifications) prevents interaction with any windows/menus [closed]

After some time it occurs that i have a non-interact able area on my elementary OS Freya desktop. The problem is demonstrated in a short video with indicating mouse clicks:
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How can I select a file without it opening?

I've been trying for 5 minutes to select about 10 files and delete them. But I can't select multiple items. How am I meant to do this? The ticks don't seem to affect it (but that might be bad mouse ...
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