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Questions tagged [chromebook]

For questions related to issues on Chromebook and elementary OS

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Toshiba Chromebook, Freya 0.3.1, Kernel 4.2 - trying to get automatic sleep working

I've slowly been working on a Toshiba Chromebook on Freya with the modified SeaBios that allows legacy boot. Everything (since kernel update) has been working very well. Though I cannot seem to get ...
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eOS on chromebook booting to black screen

I have recently installed elementary on my Acer Chromebook 11, but now whenever i boot it up it, it goes through the boot menu, it just goes to a black screen (the screen is turned on just displaying ...
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Touchpad not working on HP chromebook 14

I have removed chrome OS and the bios that comes with Chromebooks and replaced it with SeaBIOS with elementary OS installed. It works very well, but I can't seem to get the touchpad working. I have ...
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Sound and keys on chromebook (Asus c200)

I am running Elementary OS on a chromebook (Asus c200). The performance is great, but I do not have sound, nor the "function" keys work as intended (reload, brightness, full screen, etc). Is there a ...
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High CPU Usage on Juno in Chrome during video playback

First and foremost thanks for the awesome work that has been done with elementary os - it truly is a work of art and I've donated to the project to show my support. I was able to successfully install ...
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