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How can I add multiple google calendars to the calendar?

I have been able to add my main Google Calendar to the calendar app, but I cannot add secondary calendars. I have attempted to sudo apt-get install evolution-data-server-pantheon-online-accounts but ...
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Sync GNOME Calendar on elementary OS

I really like gnome-calendar but synchronization doesn't seem to work on elementary OS. When I try to add a calendar from google, the online accounts dialogue looks broken and clicking "Google" doesn'...
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Maya shows the events the day after but the integration with Wingpanel works perfect [closed]

Steps to reproduce: Introduce an OwnCloud account via CalDAV Create some event (Reboot if you want) Open Maya and go to this day. It'll show no event this day Check out the day after. The event will ...
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Sync Apple Calendar & Google Calendar into native Calendar application

I am a newcomer to elementary OS. I am struggling with syncing Apple Calendar (iCal) in the elementary OS Calendar app. I tried to "make it public; copy URL and login with iCloud Login/pass" - but it ...
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maya calendar + icloud

It's not possible at the moment to add iCloud calendars via CalDav. I know the url to use, based on]=en&serendipity[user_language]=en At least it ...
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Calendar invite is never sent to recipients

When creating a calendar entry and inviting a recipient an invite is never sent so the other attendees to the appointment are never notified.
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