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Questions tagged [battery]

Questions about the battery life on elementary OS

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elementary OS Loki - Horrible battery life

Well, I have to say, the battery life from my Acer laptop while using the elementary OS is horrible, while on a full charge, it says it has around 2~3h to discharge while using Debian without tlp, ...
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Better energy management

I'm using elementary OS since the 0.2, on different machines, and I really enjoy see this project grow bigger and bigger every year. My current machine is a ryzen laptop, and elementary runs really ...
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Booting to blank screen eOS 5.1

When booting up my laptop from power off or hibernated state I am booted into a black screen with a small white under-score in the top left. Nothing proceeds to happen. To work around this I power ...
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Battery not detected on Live Juno

I would love to switch to elementaryOS Juno, so I tried a live version on USB. Unfortunately, it seems like eOS doesn't detect my battery, so I don't have a battery icon and I don't have battery ...
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How to improve battery life on MBP 2015?

I really like elementary os, i installed it on my 15" MBP 2015 -- however the battery life is pretty bad. I get about 3 hours maximum if i'm lucky -- this is much less than the 10 hours i'm used to on ...
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Battery icon is missing from top wingpanel

Just like what the title said. I dual booted elementary OS Loki and realized that the battery icon has gone missing... I've tried reinstalling everything, but it still does not show up. I'm using a ...
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Power issue on Hp 15

This is what my nav bar looks, I don't know what that turbo like icon is, but once I disconnect my power cable, the laptop shots off. Does anyone know of a fix to this please? Thank you. Here is the ...
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Elementary OS on Macbook 6.1 - big loss of battery energy

I've installed Elementary OS on a Macbook late 2009 in place of the High Sierra that had issues (sudden and frequent reboots), Now it works well, I like the look, but the battery that previously had ...
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1 answer

Elementary OS claiming my battery is seven percent yet mag-safe charger says it's full

Just installed Elementary OS on my Macbook pro (2010) with the battery on full charge. I boot up elementary and suddenly I'm told it's on 7%. Granted, my battery is horrendously weak (1hr to reach 0% ...
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No keyboard if I unplug the charger on my netbook

when I unplug my netbook, I can use my keyboard. I can write my password on login screen, but nothing on the softwares (firefox, mail etc...) I must close and open the session for my keyboard is OK I'...
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Is it possible to improve Battery life & Overheat?

I am concerned and really disappointed because battery consumption is much more higher than Windows 10 and heat from processor area is worrying and disturbing, same usage, web browsing. Elementary OS "...
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