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I cannot put any icons or right click on the desktop in Elementary Freya. How can I enable that?
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How to enable desktop icons and right click in Elementary OS Loki (0.4)? [duplicate]

I tried the method for Freya but it did not work. First of all nautilus was not installed (only the default files, which is aparently named pantheon-files). Installing nautilus did not help and ...
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Can I enable the desktop to create files, folders and shortcuts? In loki [duplicate]

I am testing Elementary OS loki, I find it very interesting, but note that I can not create any file on the desktop which seems to me to be wasting a lot of resources in terms of organization, well I ...
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Files Don't Appear on Desktop? [duplicate]

When I place a file in the Desktop folder it dosen't appear on my screens desktop?
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Reactivate the Desktop function [duplicate]

Since the day I installed elementary OS, I miss my classic desktop layout (files on your Desktop, not only blank space) and I'd like to reenable it. Does anyone know how to do that? This here is ...
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How do I put applications on the home screen? [duplicate]

Someone said in a video that it's currently not supported but, is there a way to put applications on the home screen and not just the dock? Thanks! Trace
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Alternative to desktop for file storage or how can I enable storing files on the desktop? [duplicate]

While it makes a lot of sense to me that launcher icons are hidden from the desktop because of the easy app menu access, I think that I will greatly miss being able to store files on the desktop ...
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Graphical interfaces to search for files?

What graphical interfaces exist to assist the user in searching for files?
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How can I get a "minimize" button?

I am a long time Windows user and I cannot for the life of me understand the rational behind not having a minimize button. What is the reasoning for this decision? Is there a way to get a minimize ...
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Is Nautilus really "not-recommended"?

I had problems in the past with Nautilus being invasive on some desktops, namely XFCE, when it used to compete with Thunar for the desktop, but not in elementary. On the other hand I don't think it's ...
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Remove icons from desktop

For some reason, icons are showing up on the desktop. I would like nothing to show. Thanks a lot for help in advance.
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How to enable right-click and icons on desktop for Juno? Previous version guides doesn't work. Please,bro
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