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How to install Apps through AppCenter on Loki? [duplicate]

I can't find lots of Apps in AppCenter, such as Firefox, How to install them through the AppCenter?
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Loki - App center empty [duplicate]

I've installed lok 0.4 today and the app center is empty except for installed applications. This is a known bug: However, the suggested workaround ...
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Empty AppCenter [duplicate]

just installed my third machine with Elementary OS but AppCenter results are blank when searching or following categories. Wifi connection is fine - I've tried apt-get remove --purge and reinstalling ...
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Something Wrong With elementary appcenter [duplicate]

Today i've noticed my appcenter is not installing removing or cheching for updates. When i try to install something the bar just shows "starting" and then nothing happens.I tried to reinstall it but ...
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How can I install .deb files in Loki?

In the latest version (Loki 0.4 Stable), I can't open .deb files with AppCenter, like Ubuntu.
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I am unable to update or install software in the AppCenter

I've been using Loki for about 3 weeks. Installing software and updates was working fine. I booted into Loki today and got a notification that I had 4 updates available. The red flag also appeared on ...
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AppCenter does not install anything anymore [closed]

I have just installed LOKI in two PCs and I am having the same issue with both. On App Center I can see the apps list; however when I choose any of them, click Install and I can see the progress bar, ...
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I just installed elementary OS. How do I make a bootable USB drive to install it?

This is crazy! It doesn't seem like you can install or find a usable USB drive creator/format tool to make installation drives from ISOs within the OS! Am I missing something? :(
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Loki AppCentre updates page blank, can't do 1 update

I just got alerted to two updates but the update page in the AppCenter is blank, even though regular app pages work. Tried using the software updater which got one of the two updates in, but I can't ...
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newby from Mac: how do I "install" a program I've downloaded

sorry that this question is "stupid" : ) So, I've installed elementary, figured out how to access the internet, downloaded two of my favorite programs (LibreOffice and Firefox), clicked on the ...
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