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Wine opens "Wine application loader" instead of Microsoft Word

I know that you will tell me that I should use Libreoffice, but I have an Office licence and I still use it. I use Wine to run Office 2007 but when I launch Word or any Office app, Wine launches a "...
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Google Chrome no longer has an icon [closed]

I've always been able to fix any issues I've had with Google Chrome's icon by setting a StartupWMClass as described here, however as of today the icon broke completely, and StartupWMClass didn't solve ...
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Plank does not emerge icons

My issue is identical to this one, and it did solve my issue when I changed the logo from .png to .ico in .desktop. However, a restart/log-out session would render the solution void. As you can see ...
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Fuzzy double icon for some applications on plank

hope everyone is fine. Before I start, I have to say that I have searched a lot for the solution and I have found this, but it doesn't solve the problem, nor does it happen with Google Chrome. What ...
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Google Chrome appears twice in slingshot

I recently updated Google Chrome and also encountered this problem. After doing a reboot I noticed that Google Chrome now appears twice searching for it in slingshot Edit: Attaching a screenshot
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