I can set up a screen resolution on both the laptop screen and the external monitor using xrandr and everything works fine, but my displays go back to normal when I restart lightdm. How can I make the changes permanent? I tried going through the monitors.xml file, but it isn't being updated. The Displays item in system settings isn't of much use...

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I had pretty much the same problem with display on an external monitor - display was fitted badly; I hardly could see wingpanel or plank.

I solved it with changing config file in /boot/ directory.

In this file you need to find disable_overscan and change it's value to 1. Then a bit further down you'll find


you can change these values to fit your display into monitor.

Then save it and restart computer. It should be fine after few times. :)

  • Overscan is such a legacy curse! Some systems can't enable / disable it, and some monitors can't enable / disable it. And it isn't even really relevant anymore - so I wish they'd just burn it completely and stop building devices that ever use it! Feb 14, 2017 at 12:17

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