There are a lot of errors in the installation of the tool.

  1. It can't mount the dev/loop0 when made bootable with "sardu"

  2. it auto-ejects the USB(unable to find and disconnect from OS) "while made bootable from YUMI, RUFUS

  3. It stuck at

    A start job is running for ubuntu Live CD installer (31sec/ no limit)

Note:- I have checked the sha256 checksum. The Iso file is neither corrupted Nor modified.

I am running Intel i3 2.67 GHZ 3GB RAM USB 3.0 32 GB

Please let me know if you need more info I like UI of this OS. Want to give it a try.

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I think you shuld try to re-download iso, because he say is corrupted(sha256 checksum is used to verify that iso is not corrupted).

If you are on Windows i recommend you to use rufus, i never had any problems.

  • Friend, As I have tried the checksum, image is not corrupted. I have tried making bootable CD using 1. YUMI 2. Sardu 3. Rufus. None of them works. I also tried VMware player to try that in virtual mode. That too does not work. So it doesn't work for me at all anyway.
    – user8070
    Jan 9, 2017 at 13:00

Making the bootable usb with rufus solved the problem for me.


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