I have a question regarding drive mounts.

I installed Elementary on a separate SSD. 3 partitions - swap, file system and home.

I then installed a 1TB hard drive. The drive was partitioned to ext4 and mounts as /media/user1/Drive

What I then did was add another user - user2 as a standard desktop user.

When I log into user2, the drive appears in the sidebar of Files as "Drive" but when I click on it, I get a note something like you do not have permission etc.

So I edited the /etc/fstab to mount the drive at startup. Though I wanted to mount the drive as /mnt/Drive. So that's what I put in the /etc/fstab entry. It worked, so user2 can access the drive through the folder /mnt/Drive with full read write access but, it doesn't appear under Devices in Files sidebar. The orginal entry - /media/user1/Drive - still appears in the sidebar but still no permission.

What I would like to do is mount the drive for both users in /mnt/Drive and have the drive appear under devices in the Files sidebar as Drive for both users.

Is there any reason why internal drive gets mounted as /media/user1/Drive but then doesn't share it? Does it matter if it is changed to /mnt/Drive?

Any help appreciated, best alternative solutions etc.

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Try method described here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/351991/mounting-disk-drives-among-different-users. It worked OK for me. Note however that the last command given should be sudo chgrp <groupname> <mountpoint>

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