All of a sudden my wingpanel and plank in elementary os loki have disappeared. I am not even able to find errors because none of the system apps are opening except for chrome, vlc, spotify, etc. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how I can fix this? I really don't want to re install everything.


sudo apt remove switchboard-plug-security-privacy could work. At least it worked for me

If you cant access any terminal via Super + T try Ctrl + Alt + F1. To revert simply press Alt + F7

If you can access any graphical terminal just try to start Plank manually. If it works again, then edit your Cerbere preferences. Normally, Cerbere should automatically restart Plank if it crashed.
If manually restarting doesnt work, please tell us what the Terminal is saying(Errors, Warnings related to Plank)

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