Is there a way to make audience video player not remember the last-played video. Specifically, how to make the current-video attribute of audience set to a constant blank so it doesn't remember the last video you played the next time you open it. I can do that manually through dconf-editor but i don't want to do it every time i play a video.

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Actually this is a feature, not a bug.

However if you do not need it, you might want to implement some sort of solution to reset it. Some alternatives depending on your exact needs follow.

  • You might want to start Audience from a wrapper script that resets the org.pantheon.audience.current-video value just after quitting:

    dconf reset /org/pantheon/audience/current-video
  • You might want to install a cronjob to reset it regularly:

    @hourly     dconf reset /org/pantheon/audience/current-video
  • You might to want to implement a sort of watchdog that monitors it and resets it if it's not empty etc.

  • I didn't say it is a bug i just wanted it to be reset every time i close it. Thanks anyway! Dec 20, 2016 at 9:32

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