I downloaded elementary two days ago, and some things have been doing even stranger things to my 2014 macbook air.

  1. My fan stopped working My computer will not break a sweat, even under the largest loads. It will get really really hot and just throttle.
  2. It won't sleep properly Now I have to charge my computer when left unattended, because if I don't it will just lock me out. It won't even turn the screen off when I shut the lid.

So, if any of you have the same problem, or are looking fix it, please offer help.

Thank you, Arence

  • wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MacBook Use that wiki as a guide for any problem you may have with your laptop. The only disadvantage is that you can't install any package from the AUR but you could try to sudo apt install [package] . Also, it's recommended to install TLP sudo apt install tlp . – Maccer Dec 10 '16 at 13:01

I run elementaryOS on my MacBook Air from 2013.

I had similar issues, here is what i did:

Installed macfanctld (a service that manages the Exhaustfan of the MacBook) and psensor to read live the current temps and RPM of the fan.

The cool thing is: macfantld has a config file in /etc/macfantld (when installed of course) that you can edit and when macfanctld reads its config it changes the rpm of the fan.

Here is the link to my github, i made a little script that allows me to change the rpm of the exhaust fan to 3 settings (low - mid - high) and then a value that i want.


download (install) the macfantld, psensor and the script, run the script with sudo ./rpm_script.rev0.4 (low mid high or set 0-6500)

Maybe that will help :)

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On my Mac Mini i use mbpfan under Kubuntu its by far the best solution I know to get fans correctly working on Macs. It's not easy to setup but heres an tutorial to get it working an a Mac:


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