I have a late 2006 intel imac running osx lion (10.75) off an external usb drive (the internal drive is dead). I have followed the instructions to create a bootable usb drive with etch but it is not recognized on startup. I then reverted to plan b as suggested in the mac installation instructions and burned the iso to a dvd. This was not recognized either. My computer does not have enough free resources to use a virtual machine. Note, I am not trying to dual boot. I want to erase my hard drive and replace osx with Elementary OS. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


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Yes, it is possible to install Elementary os Loki as long as the 2006 MacBook runs a 64bits Mac OS. For Example I installed it using a dvd myself. if you have a dvd that you or someone burnt Elementary os loki or a usb with Elementary os loki. Put in the dvd/usb, turn off the macbook. Turn the macbook on, and hold the option key ... 'till you see a white screen. Start elementary Deskyop without installing and play with the OS before you decide to install

Elementary os is fun on Macbook.

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