When I turning UFW on, it blocks the all ports and a log is occurred about this action:

whoopsie[607]: [11:39:36] Cannot reach: https://daisy.ubuntu.com

Ubuntu help page says that:

Ubuntu error tracker submission This program submits crash reports to an Ubuntu server. It makes a DNS query for daisy.ubuntu.com on every boot. To disable:

(Warning: Ubuntu will lose ability to report bugs)

Click the icon at the far right of the menu bar and select System Settings. Open Security & Privacy and select the Diagnostics tab.

Switch off "Send error reports to Canonical". Log out and log back in for the change to take effect.

So I wonder how can I switch off "Send error reports to Canonical" option on Elementary OS Loki?

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You can remove whoopsie (from the command line):

sudo apt remove --purge whoopsie

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