I don't have credit card nor bitcoins, but I have paypal. Can I make the payment using paypal?


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Sure, you can donate a monthly amount (minimum US$5) via Patreon:


  • Hi @Gabriel, I want to try elementary OS but to be able to download it I have to donate by credit card or bitcoins and I only have paypal, is there a way to download it and donate $ 5 USD with paypal?
    – nashCode
    Nov 29, 2016 at 23:47
  • 1
    @nashCode you can download the OS for $0, and then go to Patreon and donate $5 via Paypal.
    – Gabriel
    Nov 29, 2016 at 23:49

The way to download and pay with Paypal or just donate money to help is at the moment (November, 30, 2016):

Go to:


If you want to download elementary OS and pay by PayPal:

STEP 1) Download the OS typing 0 in the "Custom" section; afterwards press "Purchase elementary OS".

STEP 2) Click the "Get Involved" section located at the upper right position of your screen. Once there you will see different options to help elementary OS. After the "General Funding" section you have Paypal.

If you don't need to download and just want to donate skip STEP 1.

I hope elementary team will include Paypal in the Download area besides Card and Bitcoin as lots of users employ this payment method.

  1. Guys, in my opinion elementary OS should support paypal on main page also (not only on https://elementary.io/en/get-involved page). There are some users who do not have credit cards or do not want to pay with credit cards.

  2. Another suggestion is to put $0 button in 'Pay What You Want' row. As you can see - there are some concerns if users can download elementary OS for free.

Btw. I am delighted to use elementary OS - fantastic job! I am working on my own Gtk3 app for elementary.

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