Generally I like the standard elementary theme a lot. But for my development environments I prefer dark ones. I can start Scratch in dark theme by adding env GTK_THEME=elementary:dark to Exec command in its .desktop file. But I couldn't figure out how do get that working for Android Studio. If I enable dark theme for all applications in Elementary Tweaks, it works for Android Studio, too. But I really don't like all my Apps do be dark.

Android Studio with standard theme: Android Studio with standard theme

Android Studio with dark theme: Android Studio with dark theme

Is there a way to start only Android Studio with dark theme like it works with Scratch?

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Unfortunately only GTK3.10+-applications with a HeaderBar are able to set specific themevariants. For any other application there is a workaround:
Gtk Theme Variant Switcher

Install it and add the WM_CLASS of Android Studio, this should do the trick.

  • Can you explain it a bit. I've installed it but I don't know what to do next since it doesn't have a interface. How to add the WM_CLASS ? Can you post a screenshot ? Thanks in advance ! Commented Jul 5, 2017 at 16:32

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