I recently installed Loki on my machine. I was running two monitors on an AMD FirePro 7000. I installed an Nvidia GTX 970, and only one monitor was being recognized. I tried various combinations of cables (HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI).

After rebooting with a DVI cable, the monitor was showing garbage. Now I have no way to reach the greet screen. Any combination of cable boots to a screen full of vertical lines (http://imgur.com/2Y8vMl6)

How might I be able to reinstall my graphics drivers?

EDIT: I noticed that the motherboard splash screen was taking much longer than before. I am unable to get into BIOS settings, boot menu, or anything that requires a keypress. I was going to reinstall the OS, but I can't do anything

[UPDATE] I removed the graphics card itself, and made it to the greet screen with a DVI cable plugged into the motherboard. I searched for nvidia packages with dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia and removed anything with nvidia in the name.

Reinstalled the graphics card, and turned the machine on. DVI was still trashed, but plugging into HDMI gave me a login screen. Yay! used the instructions in this post, described below:

$ sudo ubuntu-drivers list

intel-something-or-other nvidia-367

Then, with $ sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall, some great drivers installed. The greatest drivers. Everything works now, back to two monitors with an Nvidia GTX 970 from an AMD FirePro 7000.

  • Is it possible to edit your answer and put the solution as an answer? It looks like the question was never resolved, but actually you solved it yourself. I hope that's not too much trouble. Feb 17 '17 at 8:37

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