I installed this with additional drivers for a nvidia gt520m but when I restart, black screen appear, this is a fresh elementary os loki; yesterday I installed manually the driver via terminal, but the black screen appear too; what I need to do? I can do CTRL + ALT + F1 but lightdm have some problem, so that restarted every 5 seconds, so I need to stop this via terminal with sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm stop; what is the problem? If I dont install the nvidia drivers, I can manage all in the graphical system, but when I reboot with the nvidia drivers, black screen!

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The rule #1 for installing Nvidia Drivers is to disable the xorg-nouveau graphics driver package. Because it makes your computer into a black screen.

See this post for installing apropiately the nvidia driver.


I uninstalled all of the Nvidia Drivers through the terminal in recovery mode. Then I installed nvidia-331 (a more stable version), with sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 and then rebooted into the UI. Currently the brightness doesn't work and the scaling is off, but it's a start.

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