I have recently installed Elementary OS, Loki on a Mac Mini (mid 2010).

I successfully configure a bluetooth keyboard and trackpad (both apple) using the 'System Settings::Bluetooth' panel. Pairing works fine.

If I logout and login, the paired keyboard and trackpad continue to work fine.

If I suspend and resume, Bluetooth has been disabled in the bluetooth panel and in wingpanel.

If I reboot, Bluetooth has been disabled in the bluetooth panel and in wingpanel. (same as suspend resume...but I fear root cause may be different).

To recover, I merely re-enable bluetooh and my devices re-pair.

The frustration is that I cannot use a bluetooh keyboard/trackpad which will not wake the computer from sleep or be unavailable after reboot.


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To enable bluetooth on every startup you need to add your custom command in etc/rc.local

Open terminal and type

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Now add the following line before exit 0

rfkill unblock bluetooth

It will start bluetooth on every startup.


In console:


Connect bluetooth device and see in console. Example:

[CHG] Device 00:1F:20:E1:B3:B7 Connected: yes
[CHG] Device 00:1F:20:E1:B3:B7 ServicesResolved: yes

Copy device code. Trust this device:

trust 00:1F:20:E1:B3:B7

This worked for me.

Source https://pctuner.club/n/2415

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