I have recently installed Xamp package and tried ./manager-linux-x64.run in /opt/lampp folder. After clicking start all button MySQL, ProFTPD shows running status but apache web service displays stop status. I have tried port 80,8080,9000,8079,2222 ... but all in vain. On port 80 firefox shows up after typing command lsof -i @ I have closed the browser and tried again but can't find struggle fruitful. Please suggest some solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Try starting it with sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start in terminal.

It should start servers and give you an information that it works. If it'll start properly, check if you can use it properly.

As I understand you're using GUI for xampp - I had a problem with it too and in my case I just purged xampp and installed it with another .run file (Probably the previous version). :)

P.S. To shutdown all the servers use sudo /opt/lampp/lampp stop command.

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