Is there a way to set the cursor displacement dependent on mouse velocity? This is called mouse acceleration in most environments. Some call it precision-mode, which is the slow extreme of the speed spectrum.

Behavior Example:

  • Move mouse 1 inch at 1 in/s - cursor moves 200 pixels
  • Move mouse 1 inch at 2 in/s - cursor moves 500 pixels
  • Move mouse 1 inch at 3 in/s - cursor moves 800 pixels

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I believe there is some form of acceleration by default. At least on my system that seems to be the case.

You can use the xset command to experiment with this behaviour. For example, xset m 50 2 sets the 'acceleration' to 50 and the 'threshold' to 2. The cursor will move 50x times as fast when it travels more than 2 pixels in a short time. For more information see the manual here.

  • There seems to be a point at wich further increasing the acceleration does not actually accelerate the pointer any further. Maybe this depends on trackpad resolution, but on my Macbook, anything above 16 or so does not help anymore.
    – oarfish
    Nov 25, 2015 at 20:16

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