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Loving Elementary but want to tweak it further.

It seems to have Plex built in and I want to remove it but plex doesn't show in the repo's at all. I installed Synaptic to see if it would appear there - no joy.

So the short question is how do I remove it?

Thanks in advance.


  • I have a basically clean install of 0.3.2 freya and i don't see plex anyplace. How do you know that plex is installed? what version of Elementary do you have installed? ( cmd: more /etc/*-release ). Nov 5, 2016 at 5:45

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I've installed elementary many times and always had to install plex manually, but there is an easy way to remove it. First identify a file from plex, any file that is installed with plex would work. If you know where plex is installed his is easy, otherwise you may need to use find. Here is a good tutorial on find

Once you have the name run dpkg -S file to determin the name of the package that installed plex. For example:

dpkg -S /bin/cp
coreutils: /bin/cp

coreutils is the package that installed cp. So to remove it I'd run

sudo dpkg -r coreutils

Obviously, you don't want to remove coreutils, just whatever package installed plex.

This method will only work if plex was installed from a package. It won't work if plex was built from source.

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