I'm has Insall and config Ibus-unikeyenter image description here:

And change type Unikey : enter image description here

But I'm can't type vietnamese, please help me!!!!!!

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Try running im-config in a terminal, then continue until you can select the ibus option. (this will allow to use ibus as imput method). when finished, add ibus-daemon -drx to startup applications then restart your session and you should be able to use all the configuration you have made about ibus.

i recomend you to disable the app-laucher shortcut in order to use the switching shortcut for ibus.

  • I added ibus to system tray by dconf editor, sources [('xkb','jp'),('ibus','Mozc')], but instead of showing config icon in system try, the ibus config was at the cursor position. How can I config to move it to the system tray?
    – Sand Angel
    Commented Dec 22, 2016 at 14:43

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