Is there a tweak that allows me to boost the volume above 100% without having to go to System Settings -> Sound every time?

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r3bl's answer does not work on the latest version of Elementary OS

Essentially what you need to do now is:

  1. Install dconf-editor
  2. Run dconf-editor as YOUR user, NOT sudo / root
  3. Navigate to /io/elementary/desktop/wingpanel/sound/max-volume
  4. Toggle Use Defaults to False
  5. Change max to number of your choice
  6. Navigate to /org/gnome/desktop/sound
  7. Toggle Use Defaults to False
  8. Make current value True (this seems to allow the use of the keyboard shortcuts for volume)
  9. Exit

Hope this helps!


Surprisingly, yes!

First, open up dconf-editor (if you don't have it yet, you can install it with sudo apt-get install dconf-editor).

Then, navigate through com -> ubuntu -> sound and enable the allow-amplified-volume option.

By doing so, you'll be able to increase the volume above 100% by using the Wingpanel's sound indicator. However, you still won't be be able to use the multimedia keys on your keyboard to go above 100%.

Credits: Duong Phan posted this in elementary's Google+ community.

  1. Install dconf-editor
  2. navigate to /org/gnome/desktop/sound/allow-volume-above-100-percent
  3. set it true

You can't set it from UI but from keyboard shortcut or volume function key

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