After installing elementary OS Loki on my laptop (Lenovo Flex 3), when I press towards the middle of the click bar on my touchpad, it will copy or paste depending on the location. I've gone into Mouse & Touchpad settings and changing the physical click setting can disable copy and paste but also takes away my ability to "right click" with the right side of the click bar. I want to be able to right click using my touchpad but this copy and paste has to go. Any suggestions?

  • This solved my problem (although it's a bit overkill, disabling the middle click entirely). The solution above it may work as well, but haven't had time to try it. I'll write up an answer later tomorrow if I have time and no one beats me to it. askubuntu.com/a/55988/521915
    – CyberEd
    Commented May 1, 2017 at 1:23

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I also used the xmodmap solution, but this disables the middle mouse completely. Another solution is installing the gnome-tweak-tool from the AppCenter and disabling Middle-click Paste: https://askubuntu.com/a/872165/519324

I opened an issue for this. As of elementary OS 5 and 5.1, it has been resolved and there is now a toggle in System SettingsMouse & TouchpadClicking called Middle click paste that can enable or disable this behavior.

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