I'm using elementary OS Loki 0.4 with the Arc OSX themes for GTK+ but the UI in apps is very ugly, can someone help me?

Ugly interface in FileZilla

  • Hi Simon, would you please clarify your issue? You changed the theme but don't like it? Or you don't like the interface of FileZilla? The theme can only reach so far into a program's interface if it isn't specifically designed to match elementary OS's aesthetic, if that's what you mean
    – wolf
    Oct 1, 2016 at 18:20
  • Theme is modern, but in apps (VLC and others) are buttons like buttons in Win 98 :D Oct 1, 2016 at 19:25
  • Right, but if you don't like the theme you installed (and want FileZilla to look closer to this), you either need to continue customizing the theme or revert back to the defaults. Unless you have a specific question about changing an aspect of a theme (as it relates to elementary OS), the only answer can be find a new theme that you think is less ugly
    – wolf
    Oct 1, 2016 at 19:56

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You have installed a theme which generally only applies to applications which use GTK+ 3, for example all default apps in elementary.

There are other toolkits used by developers for Linux apps where GTK+ themes will not be applied at all or at least differently. Here is a (non comprehensive) list of toolkits and notable examples of apps using them:

  • XUL is used by Firefox and Thunderbird
  • Qt is by used by VLC and apps from the KDE project
  • wxWidgets is used by FileZilla
  • VCL is used by LibreOffice
  • GTK+ 2 is generally used by older apps and its themes are not compatible with GTK+ 3 themes

QGtkStyle (link for general info, might not apply to elementary) imitates the look of GTK+ 2 themes in Qt apps.

I'm not really sure, but I believe the way the FileZilla version available in Loki is compiled, it also tries to imitate the given GTK+ 2 theme. So in order for the app to look better, you have to find an appropriate GTK+ 2 theme and install it as well.


Try installing gtk2-engines-pixbuf and moving the Ark-OSX folder to /usr/share/themes if it isn’t saved there yet, that fixed it for me.


According to the README.md of the arc theme you need to also install the gtk2-engines-murrine package.



For the theme to function properly, install the following

GNOME Shell, GTK 3.14 - 3.22
The gnome-themes-standard package
The murrine engine. This has different names depending on your distro.

     gtk-engine-murrine (Arch Linux)
     gtk2-engines-murrine (Debian, Ubuntu, elementary OS)
     gtk-murrine-engine (Fedora)
     gtk2-engine-murrine (openSUSE)
     gtk-engines-murrine (Gentoo)

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