I have an Acer E5-574G laptop, which came with Windows 10. Recently I installed Elementary OS (Loki). Everything worked but my touchpad became super slow. When I rub my finger over touchpad, it moves the cursor very slow. I have also tried to increase the speed from settings but the issue remains. I have already contact with Acer—they said they don't provide any driver for Linux. What I can do now?

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The OP didn't post their solution, but I'd wager that the answer was to change the trackpad settings in the Acer BIOS, where "Touchpad" should be set to "Basic".

You can also follow this video.



My problem is resolved, I posted this issue on several forums so, I got solution from one of them, I only edit touch pad setting in my bios, It was set to Advance I have set it to Basic and its working perfect for me.

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The elementary team issued a fix for trackpad issues recently.

Is your system up-to-date with the most recent version? You can check in AppCenter under the section Updates or alternatively upgrade your system by typing the following in terminal:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

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