I am the user of Elementary OS Luna, and was quiet satisfied with it. Yesterday I heard of Loki and wanted to give it a try. and it's cool.

But I found some weird issue of library missing while installing some .deb packages.

I couldn't install atom text-editor upwork time tracking app and Google Chrome due to some dependency missing problem.

Below I have attached the error screenshot while installing Google Chrome Stable

enter image description here


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The easiest way to fix this is to install GDebi (sudo apt-get install gdebi) and open and install the .deb with GDebi.


Just do sudo apt -f install after this. dpkg -i or dpkg --install doesn't install dependencies automatically.


On a new install/upgrade:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install gdebi

Download the .deb from Google.com/Chrome (Note: Chrome is 64-bit only on Linux) Select the download and go from there; or navigate to your 'files' (Applications > Files > Downloads (OR Windows/Command key + Space and type files)) and launch the installer (Click 'Install Package').

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