I have three differents problems with Mail app (in loki):

  1. Keep asking the password even if "Remember password" is enabled. (I'm using gmail). Mail remembers the password but keep asking it.

  2. Can't delete emails. When I press the trash icon or "Supr" nothing happens.

  3. "pantheon-mail --hidden" doesn't work. I would like to keep it in background mode when I start my computer but it doesn't work. The app starts asking the password (maybe it's the same problem).

I'm very worried about the second problem. I don't think it's a general bug because nobody have posted it in Launchpad.

Could you help me? :)

Thank you very much.

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You may need to enable "less secure" apps in your Gmail settings. See this answer and Google Accounts Help for more details.

I wouldn't be surprised if a future elementary OS release added Google OAuth login to online accounts, which would prevent users from having to do this. (That's of course 100% speculation, but I still hope it happens! 😀)


Go to system-setting>online-accounts and add your e-mail adress accounts. Allow System and Correio options. Open the mail again and check if works.

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