I tried to upgrade straight to Loki but the installer asks for a password that I do not know. What is the password?

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  • This question would be more helpful if it elaborated when the password was needed, or a little more context. A screenshot or two could be useful
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Primeiro, a password deve ser a de um utilizador root/administrador.

Segundo, a única forma de atualizar o Freya para o Loki é reinstalando o sistema. Alem disso, é impossível uma atualização completa para outra versão do elementaryOS ter só por volta de 300MB

First the password should be the one from a root/admin user.

Second the only way to upgrade from Freya to Loki is to reinstall. Besides, there is no way a complete elementary OS system upgrade only being around 300MB.


You have to install from zero.

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    This answer would be better if you elaborated how/why
    – wolf
    Commented Sep 28, 2016 at 1:10

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