Mail is holding on to cached account settings. So now no matter how many times I delete the email account from the Systems Setting online account the SMTP settings wont clear when I re-enter the account.

Also in the Mail app the Accounts settings panel is too long(vertically) so you can't see the apply/OK, cancel buttons.

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Well, you can see the content in the Pantheon Mail folder with:

ls .local/share/pantheon-mail/

You going to see a folder with the names of your e-mail accounts, something like [email protected], so you can delete that folder with:

rm -rf .local/share/pantheon-mail/[email protected]

Of course you can delete completely the folder of Pantheon Mail:

rm -rf .local/share/pantheon-mail/

And that is all, i suppose that is what you wanna to do.

  • Thanks!! That worked. For those having the same issue and don't want to use the command like simply open up your file manager then Ctrl+H. This will show you your hidden files and directories. Once there go to .local/share/pantheon-mail and remove the email accounts. If you want to delete and clear the mail app cache simply delete the pantheon-mail directory. Sep 13, 2016 at 21:55

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