I know this question has been asked like a million times, but I am yet to find an answer.

I have Windows 7, though my computer itself came with Ubuntu(Dell). I didn't have much experience in it, so I preferred windows 8 and now I'm on windows 7 again.

I tried Installing Elementary OS, and it didn't recognize my partitions, instead it took my entire 500GB disk as empty

Here is a screenShot enter image description here

And Another

enter image description here

However, the file explorer(Or whatever they call it in Linux), shows My Partitions

Also, the other questions had answers as links, If you do that please give me adequate steps, for I have to admit I am a novice in Linux

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What are you using for your partitions???


EXT 2, 3 or 4?




Also, what is your install? Is it UEFI? Also, your sentence is confusing as heck. Are you trying to say:

1) my computer came with Ubuntu originally

2) I installed Windows 8.

3) Didn't like Windows 8, so deleted it and installed Windows 7.


Do this test: grab/download another Linux OS, and see if its installer recognizes your current partitions. Hint: download debian live 8.5 or fedora 24/centOS 7, put it on a USB (via dd command), and see if they recognize your partitions as they actually now exist. Heck, this test may be even better: download and put the latest Gparted Live on a CD (or USB), fire it up, and see if it recognizes the partitions on that hard drive. Elementary Loki's installer is the one used by a lot of Linux distros. If it is not seeing your partitions, I am not optimistic. And if Gaprted Live cannot see those partitions, well, then, from what I and a few others have seen, your only recourse is going to be dd-ing that whole drive. Or, you could, like mentioned above, just stick to what's on it right now. Windows and Ubuntu??...meh, wipe that crapper-stuff off for good and make that HD sing with Loki or Debian or Fedora or....... ;-)


I Found the Answer Myself.

All I had to do was delete some partition(In windows) and provide the setup some un-allocated space

After Doing that, the problem was solved.

Thanks To Everyone, Anyway!

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