By default, the dock (plank) sits at the bottom of the screen. I'd like it to be on the right, since my monitor is quite wide, and I want to use as much vertical space as possible for windows.

In previous versions (Freya), I could use elementary Tweaks, but the settings for the dock are not in it in Loki.

Is there a setting I could change if I use dconf Editor?

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You can get the plank preferences by doing either Ctrl+right-click on the plank, or from a command line plank --preferences.


Achieve this task by...

  1. Hold Ctrl+right click anywhere on the dock

  2. Select Preferences

  3. Select Position drop down box

  4. Select desired option


I found it. Using dconf, the settings for plank are in:

net > launchpad > plank > docks > dock1

I recommend turning on show-dock-item, which provides a new dock item that opens the dock settings, where you can change the other settings (like the dock position).

Edit: Using dconf Editor is not recommended, but I'll leave my answer here in case anyone wants to know this method for other reasons.

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