In my freya setup, I had 2 planks, one for each of my monitors. I accomplished this by using the settings file in ~/.config/plank/dock[n]. This file is now missing. Is there any way to create another instance of plank and move it to my second monitor?


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You need either dconf-editor or command-line tool gsettings.

  1. You can change the value of net.launchpad.plank.enabled_docks to ['dock1','dock2'] in order to enable a second dock,
  2. restart plank,
  3. change the preferences under net.launchpad.plank.docks.dock2 to setup the second dock (you will need to change at least the net.launchpad.plank.docks.dock2.monitor value).

You will still need the .config/plank/dock[n] folders to store the launchers for each dock (you need to create them before restarting plank).

cf. How to duplicate the taskbar on the second monitor on Loki?

  • I just noticed that the second question is a dupe, but since this one was wrongfully closed, it'd never received an answer.
    – RolandiXor
    Commented Jan 4, 2017 at 16:44

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