I get two errors while compiling the latest source of Files.

error: The name `with_total_usage' does not exist in the context of `Granite.Widgets.StorageBar'
            storagebar = new Granite.Widgets.StorageBar.with_total_usage (fs_capacity, fs_used);


 error: The name `FILES' does not exist in the context of `Granite.Widgets.StorageBar.ItemDescription'
        storagebar.update_block_size (Granite.Widgets.StorageBar.ItemDescription.FILES, size);

But when compiling the 0.2.x version it builds perfectly.

Also, as a side question, why can't I compile main.vala with valac main.vala whitout failing because it can't find Marlin?

  • main.vala is not an independent program - there are a lot of dependencies which valac needs to be able to find. It is intended that you use cmake to build Files (after installing all the necessary -dev packages). Sep 7, 2016 at 16:40

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Those two errors are pretty self-explanatory. Granite.Widgets.StorageBar.with_total_usage and Granite.Widgets.StorageBar.ItemDescription.FILES don't exist in the version of granite you have installed. You probably need a newer version of granite (quite possibly from git or whatever they use for revision control, if that's where you got files).

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