Let me try and explain the situation:

I used dual-boot with Ubuntu 14/16 and Elementary OS. However, I want to get rid of Ubuntu and either: 1) Install some other distro and try it out, or 2) Preferably, capture/merge the partition space into Elementary OS, so that my Elementary has more space

I have installed Gparted and tried few things but It was a close call. So approaching the forum to find a safe way to add this additional space to the Elementary (and make it the primary and only OS in the system)

Can somebody help/guide in how to do it? Thank you very much.

  • Will you please provide more details like which os is installed first, or atleast add screenshot of your gparted window to your question
    – Ravan
    Aug 30, 2016 at 8:57

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To use full functionality of Gparted you need to start it not from your OS. For example, in situations like yours I use Live-USB with Elementary. So, you run Gparted from Live-USB (or DVD, it's not important) and will see smth like it:

You choose partition with Ubuntu (Windows in my case) and click "Change size/move" (not exact translation because I use Gparted in Russian).Or, if you want to merge your Ubuntu partition, you need to delete Ubuntu partition and change the size of Elementary partition after that.

In that dialog you can change your partition size by changing "size", "free space before" and "free space after" colums.

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