I've installed Loki on a new machine running dual monitors. I have an Nvidia NVS310 card, I'm using 340.96 Nvidia proprietary drivers. When I login in the morning after locking the machine the night before I login successfully but then my screen is black, I get a mouse cursor but I can't move the mouse cursor. If I leave it alone, 10-15 minutes later both screens come up normally and the machine functions fine the rest of the day.

I can SSH into the machine from another machine. I can't VNC in from another machine eventhough the servce is running. The CTRL + ALT +Fx keys don't do anything. I've gone through the DMESG file and the /var/log/Xorg.0.log and nothing seems out of place. (I can attach those if anything thinks that would help.)

The only thing I can think to try next is changing the Nvidia driver. Alternatively I'm going looking for other log files pertaining to Nvidia or graphics in general.

Any help is appreciated.

Update: After I switched through several nvidia drivers now I cannot log in. I'm in the same situation I was in before (I get logged out as soon as I log in) but apparently sudo nvidia-uninstall doesn't do anything now.

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After several attempts of completely wiping the suite of pre-installed Nvidia drivers and attempting to install new ones off the website I cut my losses and reinstalled. After I reinstalled I did not attempt to update to any Nvidia drivers this install. I'm just using the default nouveau drivers and haven't had any graphical issues.

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