MY LAPTOP HP COMPAQ NX6320[![HALF WAY PAUSED INSTALLATION ]..During installation Elementary OS Freya, I clicked on Install Elementary ,Then when "Preparing to Elementary screen comes simply clicked on 2 options DOWNLOAD UPDATES WHILE AND INSTALLING AND INSTALL 3rd-PARTY SOFTWARE and clicked continue .After that the black wheel just rotating and rotating,,2 hours gone nothing comes..... enter image description here PLEASE I NEED HELP BY THE WAY MY LAPTOP - HP COMPAQ NX6320 (PRETTY OLD MODEL) 8 YEARS APPROX. RAM - 1 GB HDD- 80 GB NO GRAPHICS CARD I SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED OS LIKE WINDOWS ALL VERSIONS INCLUDING WINDOWS 10,UBUNTU 16.04 LTS,LINUX MINT,ON THIS ABOVE SAID LAPTOP.

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Since it is an old laptop, I would recommend checking if the hard drive is still operational. You should be able to do this from the live CD / USB by installing Disks from the app center and then running a SMART test on the hard drive. If you have numerous relocated sectors and / or categories marked as fail in the Assessment column your hard drive is bad.


Try running it without connecting to the internet and without installing updates or third-party software. Then just install that stuff and connect to wifi after you boot from hardware.

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