I have been using eOS for more than a year now and I am happy with it. Great systems. Congrats to the developers.

I am getting updates offered for probably all languages spoken anywhere on the world again and again. As I live in Switzerland I have the settings language=german, formats=swiss. Each time I unselect these dozens of languages I do not want on my system and I never selected or installed anywhere. With the only result that I get a notification right away after the remaining updates are installed that more updates (guess what: dozens of language packs) are wating for installation.

This is kind of ridiculous. Is there no option that updates once rejected should not be offered again?

Greetings Ulrich

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I have been researching about your problem and finally found a plausible explanation:

"A package only gets updates if it is installed, so if the languages are updated, they must be installed somehow. To manage installed packages in a detailed way, Synaptic is a convenient tool. You can install Synaptic from the Software Center (or by the command sudo apt-get install synaptic). Then, in Synaptic, search for the packages and remove them if you are sure you don't need them."

Source: https://askubuntu.com/questions/556101/how-to-prevent-unnecessary-updates/556149#556149

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