I'm using the Loki Beta (Installed from Beta 1 and only updated apps). Today I've installed a few new updates to elementary OS and elementary Apps, after these updates I opened Firefox and I've found multiple new addons installed that are not removable. Could someone explain, if this is normal, why did this happen, should I remove these addons, if so, how?

(GreseMonkey, HTTPS-Everywhere, LightBeam, Reddit Enhancement Suite and ublock origin were installed by me) Addons

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These are the extensions that have been installed system-wide. So you can only disable them in Firefox.

You can however remove these packages (xul-ext-lightbeam, xul-ext-kwallet5, etc.) from your system, but note that this affects all users of the computer.

You can get the list of the extensions

$ apt cache ^xul-ext

You can remove them (for exemple the lightbeam one)

$ sudo apt remove xul-ext-lightbeam

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