I have been using elementary OS for a while and I have noticed there is slight difference in the styles of different Apps. For example the menu in Firefox is like this :

Firefox Menu screenshot

Note: - I have configured the icons to show with entries

Whereas the menu of the Files (pantheon-files) looks like this : -

Files menu screenshot

How and why is this difference?

Is it possible to have the Files styled menu in Firefox? Why not?


The problem you're noticing is that some 3rd party apps use different widget toolkits. In a nutshell, the toolkit is the component that contains the instructions for how certain interface elements should look and behave.

All elementary apps use the Gtk+ 3 toolkit. Firefox uses a toolkit called XUL. By default, it tries to imitate the look of the older Gtk+ 2, which is still used by some popular apps like Gimp.

While I'm sure it's probably possibly to apply themes to Firefox to make it imitate Gtk+ 3, you should be aware that there will most likely be inherent inconsistencies from using a different toolkit.

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    That addon is currently unmaintained. There was a post by its developer posted in the Google+ community three or four weeks ago in which he announced that it's currently unsupported. Maybe this tutorial would be more helpful?
    – r3bl
    Jul 23 '15 at 17:51
  • @r3bl That's for GNOME, not elementary. There might just not be anything then Jul 23 '15 at 18:44

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