Everytime I choose to boot to eOS,screen goes blank most of the time after GRUB loader. No splash screen is ever displayed. Everytime I need to reset my laptop 3-4 times to get to lock screen of eOS. What is causing this problem and how should I resolve it. I have newly installed eOS and it is fresh. To make sure nothing gone wrong during istallation I installed eOS again and removed previous installation. I have Windows 7 32 bit on dual boot. And I use eOS 3.2 64bit.

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When you turn your computer on, press the esc key repeatedly after the bios screen until the grub menu comes up, use the arrow keys to highlight elementary os, press e to edit the boot command. Delete the words 'quiet splash $vt_handoff' from the line near the bottom that starts with 'linux' and press f10. This won't change it permanently and now you should see the error that is causing the problem.


Did you encrypt your disk during the installation? Because I have and every time I boot the screen goes black, but as soon as I press arrow-key-down or -up I can see the password prompt and enter the it. After that eOS continues to boot.

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