I want to customize my elementary OS with Genie effect(an animation effect in Mac OS), and its equivalent in Linux is called Magic Lamp.

I have searched for many times about this question in Google, However, There seems that all solutions are the same.

Here are some operations:

  • Install 'Compiz config manager'
  • Install editor 'ghex'
  • Edit three files in '/usr/lib/compiz/' with 'ghex' editor(replace some strings)
  • Change the Magic Lamp settings in (System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager: Animations > the last tab called "Effects Settings"):

Unfortunately, It doesn't work. The problem is when I operate the third step I couldn't find the strings which are to be replaced. Besides, these solution is a little old and some of them are in 2008 or earlier.

Here are some links about the solution:

As a result, Is there anyone could provide me a new solution to this problem? Thanks!

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You cannot use compiz effects (not at all so this hack might not be useful) in Pantheon/Gala that is in the elementary OS desktop environement.

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