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I installed java 9.On minecraft i can play with java 9 on singleplayer.But When i want to connect to a server minecraft doesn't crash it only gives an error saying "java.io.IOException : Unable to connect to remote host : Connection refused" I looked up to internet but i couldn't find something similar to mine I also got an error from another server.The error is Internal Exception : java.lang.runtimeException : Unable to access address of buffer.

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you have a premium account?, i got the same problem with a minecraft server and was that you need a premium account, i bought my premium account and all was solved, by the way this question is not related to elementary so pleease check this in a minecraft forum or in the suport page of mojang


Found it.It is because of Java.I uninstalled Java 9 And i installed Java 7 Everything worked fine.(I didn't install Java 8 because last time it was crashing Minecraft.)

  • Does Java 9 even exist ? It is prerelease – Suici Doga Jun 25 '16 at 1:45

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